ANNE C. GRANNIS, Fine Arts Sculptor

(650) 678-1692


  Artist Statement

It is no coincidence that I love to sculpt, as I find living things endlessly fascinating, especially the creatures one finds in mythology and science fiction. I try to stretch my imagination and skills to compose a sculpture integrating the human and animal forms that look as if they “could be” real by making it anatomically correct.
I often use natural clay, as it is an amazingly pliable medium with which to work and being a material originating eons ago, I can connect with the far past to create anything large and rough or small and detailed, with everything in between. My sense of whimsy prevails.


A transplant from New England to California; I grew up in an artistic family. This was a privilege I relished as art materials abounded and I wasn’t allowed to be bored. The master sculptors Michelangelo, Rodin and Bernini are my heroes.
Because of my fascination with other places, people and animals, it is no accident that SCUBA diving is my second favorite thing to do. I draw inspiration from these surreal worlds where science fiction and mythology merge.




2002 : 2003 - 2010 (to be posted soon)

  • Coastal Art League, "18th Juried Art Show"
  • Sanchez Art Center, "3D Art - On or Off the Wall" & Worth Saving - Wildlife and Environment" & 44th Annual Membership Exhibition" & Small Works V"


  • Coastal Art League, "Juried Art Show"
  • Sanchez Art Center, "Arts On Fire 5" & "Idols and Icons"
  • Art Premiere in Moss Beach


  • SFWA Gallery, "Transformations"
  • Sanchez Art Center, "Arts On Fire"


  • SFWA Gallery , "Fog City Blues" & "Homage to the Masters"
  • Sanchez Art Center, "The Heaven, Earth & Myriad Things as One Body" & "41st Art Guild Member Exhibition"
  • Dunn Mehler Gallery, Half Moon Bay 1998
  • Sanchez Art Center, "The Annual Members Exhibition"
  • Dunn Mehler Gallery, Half Moon Bay


  • Sanchez Art Center, "The Annual Members Exhibition"
  • Dunn Mehler Gallery, Half Moon Bay
  • Images... a gallery, San Francisco
  • Art Council of San Mateo County show, "Avenue of the Arts"
  • SFWA Gallery , "Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Sons" & "The Eye and The Hand" & " Cornucopia"
  • Skyline College Art Students Show , "Millennium Art"


  • SFWA Gallery, "Textured Spaces" & "International Women" off-site show - SOMAR GALLERY, "Beyond The Limits" & "Cycles" & "All Membership Show" & Craft Showcase


  • Artists Holiday Boutique in Montara
  • SFWA Gallery, "Winds of Change" & "The Living is Easy?" "The Living is Easy?" & "SFWA Salutes the S.F. Art Institute" & "All Membership Show" & "Craft Collage Celebration" & Craft Showcase
  • Open Art Studio in Moss Beach


  • SFWA Gallery & Craft Showcase "Sweet Art" & "Craft and Collage Celebration"
  • Princeton Art Studio, Half Moon Bay - Art Show and Sale 1 Year Celebration
  • San Francisco Open Studios
  • Artspan juried art auction at SOMAR Theater
  • SFWA Gallery exhibition at Bay front Gallery, "We Are All Connected"


  • Princeton Art Studio, Half Moon Bay - Three Artists Art Show and Sale
  • SFWA Gallery, "Sculpture and Collage", "Spaces & Faces", "Visions Explored" & "A Fresh Look: Landscape"
  • San Mateo Open Studios


  • SFWA Gallery Crafts Showcase "A Show of Hands", "Myth and Reality" & "Work from the Heart"
  • San Francisco Open Studios
  • San Mateo Open Studios


  • SFWA Gallery, "Risk of Exploration: 500 Years Since Columbus" & Crafts Showcase "Spring Rental Show" & "Photo & Sculpture Show"
  • Academy of Friends, "Evening of Stars"


  • SFWA Gallery, "Holiday Gift Show"
  • Southern Exposure Gallery, "Spring Exhibition & Sale"
  • Fort Mason Sculptors, "Shaped Reality" & "Spring Exhibit"
  • Harriet Moore Studios, "EBA School of Art - Exhibition of Sculpture"


  • Fort Mason Art Center, "Holiday Exhibition & Sale"
  • Rose Resnick Center for the Blind, "South of Market Cultural Gallery"


  • Fort Mason Sculptors, "Spring Show & Sale"
  • Marin Abused Women Services, "Art & Grape Festival"


  • Fort Mason Sculptors, "Fall Exhibit" & "Sculpture 8-88"
  • Green Future Environmental Group, "California Water". Photography exhibit


  • Fort Mason Art Center, "Holiday Art Show"


  • San Francisco Fabrics, "Spring Fashion Show". Women's batik print sun dress


  • San Francisco Fabrics, "Quilt Exhibit". Wool patchwork quilt, "Spring Fashion Show". Women's brown & wine wool gabardine full length coat


  • San Francisco Fabrics, "Spring Fashion Show" Men's & women's tailored white wool suits
  • F.J. Michaels Gallery, San Francisco


  • F.J. Michaels Gallery, San Francisco
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"Man Under The Moon" Limestone and granite carving
"Dancer" Alabaster stone carving with wood base
"Panther Cub" Soapstone carving
"Ogden Does Conan" Terra cotta bust
"Lizard Bowl" Alabaster stone carving
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Lighthouse for the Blind, "Insights 2000" All media exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "Transformations" Large format, all media exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "Fog City Blues" All media exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Sons" All media exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "International Women" All media exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "Used and Reused" Mixed media/recycled materials exhibit


SFWA Gallery, "Art and the Everyday" All media exhibit
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"Rosie Rita", terra cotta & "Cat Woman with Friend", mixed media - 1996 Collection Robin Phelper
"Aquarium with Fluke", ceramic & "Nautilus", Tennessee marble - 1990-98 Collection Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grannis
"Changing" - raku with granite base - 1991 Collection Carlos Greaves
"Nymph" - mixed media - 1991 Collection Yvonne Broussard
"Catherine" - terra cotta w/bronze patina - 1993 Collection Barbara B. Cesana
"Dancing Girl" - mixed media - 1994 Collection Eloise P. Jinks
"Nesting Lizard" - hydrocal casting w/acrylic paint - 1995 Collection Richard Bollingbroke
Commissioned portrait of "Alain" - terra cotta & oils - 1991 Collection Alain Serkissian
Raku snake bowl - terra cotta & glaze - 1991 Collection Harriet Moore
"Trees & Cottage" - terra cotta & acrylic - 1990 Collection Patty Sokolecki
"This is The House That Lee Built" - terra cotta & oils - 1990 Collection Lee Engdahl
Portrait bust of "David" - terra cotta - 1980 Collection Larry D. Soule
"Sleeping Cat" - terra cotta & acrylic - 1987 Collection Susan Almond
Portrait of "Pensive Toni" - terra cotta & oils - 1979 Collection Arthur Naiman
Portrait bust of "Spike" - terra cotta - 1981 Collection Susan Krasky
"German Girl" - terra cotta - 1980 Collection Mr. & Mrs. William Carey
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Animal Health Technician - 1990
Fashion Design - 1968
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2002 - 2010 (to be posted soon)

1998-2001  College of San Mateo, San Mateo, Ca.
Life Drawing Photoshop 5.0Public SpeakingAnthropologySpanishMultimedia & the WebWriting for MultimediaAdvanced CeramicsLife & Career Planning
1993   Mark Zjawinski mold making workshop
1986-91    Fort Mason Art School, San Francisco, Ca.
Stone carving with alabaster, marble, soapstoneClay modeling the figure & portrait, casting with latex moldsSoft sculpture using fabrics & natural materialsChinese brush painting, airbrush paintingBusiness and the visual artist
1987    Marin College, Fairfax, Ca.
Watercolors with Jackie Kirk
1986-88   Point Reyes Field Seminars, Pt.Reyes, Ca.
Macro photographyNature photographyOutdoor watercolors
1986California Collage of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, Ca.
Theater design - sets & costumes Architectural drawing
1985 San Francisco Fabrics, San Francisco, Ca. Quilt making
Quilt making
1984-85 DeYoung Art School, San Francisco, Ca. Chinese brush painting
1980 Fabrication of masks & mandalas
1978-84 Harriet Moore Studio Workshop, San Francisco, Ca.
Clay modeling of the figure & portrait Soapstone carving
1971-72 Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Conn.
Wheel thrown & hand built pottery Batik Life drawing
1970 Wood carving - St. Petersburg, Fla.
1967 Crewel embroidery - Hartford, Conn.
1965 Clay modeling, Casting - Hartford, Conn.
1964-65 Hartford Art School, Hartford, Conn.
Oil painting Life drawing Clay molding Casting
1960 Still life oil painting - Windsor, Conn.
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1998-present   Instructor - Stone Carving Workshop, Ft. Mason Art School, S.F., and Half Moon Bay
1997-00   Artists Council Chair of SFWA Gallery - Sculpture Representative
1997   Instructor - Sculpting in Clay, Half Moon Bay
1995   Instructor - The One Piece Mold, Half Moon Bay
1992- present   Instructor - Classical Sculpture, Half Moon Bay and Redwood City
1969- present   Custom designer & tailor, Presently in Moss Beach, Ca. started in Connecticut then moved to San Francisco in Women's & men's clothes, home interiors, boat interiors
1978-79   Glasswater Leathers, San Francisco, Ca. Leather garments
1973-78   Olde Ways Craft Shop, New Haven, Conn. Leather craft Custom leather garments Silver jewelry
1973-75   Peter Indorff Jewelry, New Haven, Conn. Silver & gold jewelry Bead worker Wire work
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"Coast Views Magazine" November 2000
"San Francisco Women Artists Bulletin" December 1999
"Half Moon Bay Review" June 14, 1995
"Coastside Journal" November 17, 1993 vol 1 # 11
"The Beachcomber" April 24, 1992, vol 14 #16
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